Laura Bell Bundy Love Me Like a Lady Lyrics

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I can't help it. I want it all.
Some people play, but I tend to fall.
I want a man who can take his time, has his fun
And is mine all mine

U don't have to be perfect
But u betta be worth it

Come on kiss me, hold me tight
Turn on the game, turn out the lights
I'll make u melt if u call me baby
If I treat u like a man,
Will u luv me like a lady?

(Verse 2)
Enjoy ur bruh time, go have a beer
I'm in ur t shirt just sitting here
Thinkin' about that sweet note u left
You're livin' prrok that chivalry ain't dead

I'm a sucker for the flowers
And I'll be urs for hours


If u open the door
And u ask me to dance
And u make reservations
They'll be sweet romance

(Chorus x2)

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