Salem Hill Love Won't Save The World Lyrics

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It’s tossed away like sweat
Off of the skin into the wind
And hovers valiantly
As if to say, “I’d like to stay”
And then evaporates
To be breathed in our lungs again

Call it what you may
Sex or Doris Day
Chocolate coffee cake

It’s thrown away like trash
Into a can then under land
And there seeps in the ground
Content to be a source for seed
But is dug up again
To be reused Perhaps abused

Call it what you will
Hugs or cars or pills
One big hole to fill

Love won’t clear your lungs
Love won’t thin your tongue
Love can’t save the girl
And love won’t save the world

It falls away like tears
Into the sea to memory
And mingles with the salt
A gentle sting A home to be

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