Earth, Wind & Fire Love Is Law Lyrics

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In love we live,
In love you breathe
If love you give
Then love received
And love's amazing
When love you find
It moves you inside...

Helps you grow
Heals the pain
If you trust your heart
You can make a change...
Got no choice about it
Cause the fact remains...

Love is law
(Love is what we need)
In our hearts
(Love is what we need)
Love is law
(Love is what we need)
Like a song
Love is law

Holds the ocean
Brings the rain
You'll remember
What you need within
Keeps you safe
Makes me dream of you...
Can't go wrong

Let love surround us
Don't it feel so good
Love's a feelin'
It's understood
Keep believin' and love endures...

Love is what we need
Love is what we need
Love is law
Like a song
We need love
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CD 1
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  • 2 Love Is Law
  • 3 My Promise
  • 4 Guiding Lights
  • 5 Got to Be Love
  • 6 Belo Horizonte
  • 7 Dance Floor
  • 8 Splashes
  • 9 Night of My Life
  • 10 The Rush
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