Ian McNabb Love's Young Dream Lyrics

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I was walking in the country
I was drinking lemonade and filling up my soul
A boy and girl stood together
I watched them kiss and then I wrote this simple song
Ah, love's young dream
What have you got to give me from your purse of velveteen
Run and tell your old man what you've seen
He'll say "Ah, love's young dream, ooh"
Not sure if the above is totally correct as I am doing this from memory...
will update when I have the rest sorted.
Merseybeast Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Merseybeast
  • 2 Affirmation
  • 3 Beautiful Old Mystery
  • 4 Love's Young Dream
  • 5 Camaraderie
  • 6 Don't Put Your Spell on Me
  • 7 Heydays
  • 8 Little Bit of Magic
  • 9 You Stone My Soul
  • 10 Too Close to the Sun
  • 11 They Settled for Less Than They Wanted
  • 12 I'm a Genius
  • 13 Available Light
  • 14 Merseybeast (reprise)
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