Ultra Naté Love’s the Only Drug Lyrics

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Gimme one
Gimme two
Gimme all of you

I need the things that make you smile
Picture this
You and me
High on ecstasy
Of what we could be

Love's the only drug
Love's the only drug
The only drug for me
Can't you see?
Can't you see?

Let's take a long ride
Deep into the night
On our fantasy
Till the sun rise
Call on me
Don't you be afraid
I'm here for you
All the way


We'll play like children again
As in laugh away our fears
Anything we dream we can
They can happen if we dare
Tonight we'll take our chances
On anything we've ever did
And when we're together
We'll be all we ever need
Grime, Silk & Thunder Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Love’s the Only Drug
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  • 5 Scandal
  • 6 Automatic
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  • 8 Falling
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