Kandi Lucky (interlude) Lyrics

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D d d d d d d damn She get to have it every day. What a Lucky Girl
Ooohh well tonight Ill take her place. Im a lucky girl
Damn do you spread her legs this way. What a Lucky Girl
Ummm Your the king at this foreplay. ima Lucky girl

Bridge: i know you got a girl and I know that Im wrong but a hard mans good to find
Yeah she get to have it all year long so can i just get tonight

Chrous: Man I hit the Lotto lotto
Should I rub the genie in the bottle bottle
If I dont see you tomorrow morrow
Im not mad im still a lucky girl

Man Im so Lucky lucky Lucky
Man Im so Lucky lucky Lucky
Man Im so Lucky lucky Lucky
Im such a lucky girl

2nd verse: D d d d d d d damn she get to have this every night. What a lucky girl
Oohh Boy you hit that spot just right. Im a lucky girl
Damn you hanging mighty low. What a lucky girl
Ummmm your skills are like a pro. Ima lucky girl

Bridge Repeat
Chorus Repeat

Breakdown: ohh loving everything you do
So ima put it down for you
Gotta special treat for you
So i guess that makes you lucky too
Ever since you made your move
I feel like i found my 4 leaf clover just wanna hold ya
I hate to send ya home
But still i feel sooo lucky!

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