Damh the Bard Lughnasadh Dance Lyrics

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Lugh the light of summer bright clothed all in green
Tailtiu his mother true rise up and be seen

At the festival sound the horn, calling the people again
Child of Barleycorn, newly summerborn, ripening like the grain.

The child grew tall from spring to fall he's off to find a wife
But Balor came to make his claim and swore to take his life

The two did fight from noon 'till night when Lugh did strike him one
And Balor's eye flew in the sky and there became the sun

Lugh was wed and made his bed with Erin in the north
And there they lay for many a day and soon a child came forth

The child grew tall from spring to fall, Setanta was his name
And then at length by honor's strength CuChulainn he became

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