Mysonne Lyrical Excellence Lyrics

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This lil' niggas ask who you be, I laughs, they Google me
Bad boy nigga that shine with no jewelry
Usually be too deaf, don't be with the foolery
Too unruly, they don't know what to do with me
I do a little Gucci, don't really do the Louis V
Pierced niggas, belts, shirts, like two or three
I love true religion, but between you and me
That name grand shit don't matter when you a G
Musically I'm Marvin Gaye mixed with some Rick James
Got the glow bitch, last dragon, spit flames
I've been made since 6th grade on the 6 train
Lyrically sick, Problem was my nickname
This lane is all mine, they all lie
Lame play with me, I knock them off, on line
Like them new Jordans came out
Ask 'em who the rawest, I promise they call my name out
Promise mama if I was heavy in some drama
I'd say forgive me, father, before I blow his brain out
Nostradamus predicted me, this is victory
So if I shoot you then your future is history
It's official, I am officially the dopest nigga breathing
If you can get a brick in me you double on the whole cell
You flip on that breakdown it's like selling H down in H town

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