Ash Machinery Lyrics

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Seemed that time was stuck on me
I was on the slide
Drinkin' in the lobby bar
Numb, desensitized
A surge of electricity
A flicker of insides
Jarred by a magnetic force
Out into the night
Full moon's coursin' in my blood
I'm hurtlin' downtown
The driver's movin' through the gears
The sparks are rainin' down
Been asleep for oh-so long
Forgot I was alive

Oblivious to the twenty first century
Immune to the trappings of luxury
Unconscious of a dark machinery
I'm wakin' up

Born in the wrong place
Born without your grace
A past I can't erase
I want you, I want you
Longin' into the glow
The lucid afterglow
That I may never know
I need you, I need you

(Verse 2)
The air is thick and charged with heat
As the night descends
The pack is on the hunt for blood
Infant by your scent
I never felt your loneliness
Until the day we met



So What if I am wrong?
If our chance is gone?
If you are movin' on?


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