Dar Williams Mad River Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
It was the summertime of the boys in the search for the mark of men
Heading out to the tall rocks knowing this could be the end
When they cheer
When you break to the surface, will you do it all over again?
Jumping in the mad river

Ron was a friend and a brother and a golden one
Like a leader and we were the tribe of the northern sun
He dropped down
From the bottom of the covered bridge when the day was done
In the northern sun

Jumping in the mad river
Mad river
You watch them high flying in the air
Then that summer comes and you’re standing there
Above the mad river

[Verse 2]
And the whole world is ours as far as the eye could see
Ron’s somewhere looking down at the girls looking up at me
He said “Love ‘em from afar but like ‘em up close, man
That’s the way it’s gotta be
Jumping in the mad river”

He brought Liz to the bar that year we got a ton of snow
They were so in love they were out of breath
But we wondered did she know
‘Til she said “Hey guys, I hear Ron’s shored for Geronimo
Calling out ‘Geronimo!’”

Jumping in the mad river
Mad river
I know it’s just a moment in your life
But it’s a back flip into a jack knife
Into the mad river

They had a potluck wedding, they were paid in full
Ron’s job had leave and medical
So they got the place
And they had the babe
Liz gave the nod
She was due in May

[Verse 3]
I heard Ron lost his job around Memorial Day
He got it back, same job
But now with a different company name
This time
No benefits comin’ and just about half the pay

I asked him ‘bout his son
And he said “Well there’s another test
Everyday another doctor makes another guess
And the credit card folks talk to you like you’re just a little less
Just a little less.”

Oh whoa
You think the world wants to see what you do
But your blind faith’s all they want from you

In the mad river, mad river
Go out, they say, you’re a bunch of sheep
Be the big man, take a flying leap
Into the mad river

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