Wampire Magic Light Lyrics

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I have seen so many city lights in my travels,
None have been so bright as yours
Shining down from deep within your soul
Magic light seeping out into everything you touch
Come a little closer let me gaze into your eyes
Magic never felt so good
Yeah I would guess a million men have tried to obtain it
None of them the the way I would

So girl
Life is but a playground
We are kids running around it
Catch me on the slide
I'll grab you by the side and I'll kiss you on the mouth

Girl On this merry go round
Your feet never touch the ground
I'll be in the park
Meet me after dark

Play with me beneath the shaded trees
There is a chance of bliss running through our heads
Silences of lonely dreams appear before my mind's eye
Yet they seem so vague

Your magic light has driven them away from my memory
Now they just don't seem so clear
Yeah if there's one thing in this life that both you and I should know
There is no room for fears

I just want to make love to you girl all night
Yeah I just want to give love to you girl and hold you tight
Yeah I just want to give love to you girl and treat you right
Yeah I just want to give love to you girl all night

I can tell you a couple of things that I care about
And you can show me a couple of things you just can't live without
We could share a couple of things
We can discuss what it is we just can't figure out

Like how we can't figure out which ways to turn
And how we can't figure out which roads to burn
And how we can't figure out just how hard it is mother-f**king wasted

and high we must rise above
Yet the secret lies in what's true in love

Yet this question stands
What's true enough

Thanks to nikko kiddo
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