Ian McNabb Make Love to You Lyrics

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Been five days no sleep and pouring rain
Been myself been someone else the same
Lights along the harbour, Times been getting harder
Wait for me I'll soon be where you are
I wanna lay down in your gypsy long hair
Hold you like you'll always be there
Coz it's alright when I make love to you
Just play your axe, man
Throw your wishes leave them where they fall
You can have the world, I'll give you anything at all
A rose that soon full blooms , A lazy afternoon
What's the difference happy where I lay
I wanna lay down there beside you baby
Don't care if the world is crazy


It's alright when I make love to you
Truth and Beauty Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 3 Great Dreams of Heaven
  • 4 Truth and Beauty
  • 5 I'm Game
  • 6 If Love Was Like Guitars
  • 7 Story of My Life
  • 8 That's Why I Believe
  • 9 Trip With Me
  • 10 Make Love to You
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