Tales For The Unspoken Makumba Lyrics

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In a black magic ritual
I feel the coldness of death
Energy consumed my soul
A deal with evil spirits
For they made you feel the pain
Diseases, anguish, disgrace

LAST TEAR, the one who live in the blind eyes

Ancient African spirits arise from the jungle
to spread they revenge around the world
Your tears feed the taste of fear!
Your tears feed the taste of pain!
Macumba is the ritual of death!!!

ixĂș will take you to him
And from there you'll never leave
you will pay and suffer for all that you did

I saw a your picture being stuck
in the mouth of a dead frog
this is a sign that your life
is coming to the end
All the evil that you made will return to yourself
My life is finished now
I have nothing to lose

So i saw my body moving
attracted by that strange song
unleash my malignacy to my enemys
this will destroy you all!

the feeling of an external silencer
the ritual has started

MAKUMBA is the real dark magic
while you cry evil laughs at you
Alchemy Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 There You Stand
  • 2 Possessed
  • 3 Take Over
  • 4 N'Takuba Wena
  • 5 Ritual
  • 6 Makumba
  • 7 Just Another War
  • 8 Downfall
  • 9 Unto the Breach
  • 10 Crown of the Crown
  • 11 One Day
  • 12 Say My Name
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