Laura Bell Bundy Maps Out the Window Lyrics

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Well, the plane had to land, so we hopped on a plane
And the train came to a stop so we got a Mustang
That pony broke down and it started to smoke
So we took off runnin' down the desert road
Well, the left goes right into a two lane town
Baby, we're not lost, we're just lookin' around
Floatin' like dreams and a bottle on the sea
They go where they go just like you and me

It feels good just letting go
Oh, coming down, let the wind blow
Throw the maps out the window

(Verse 2)
With a song in our hearts and some cash in our hands
Guess we made God laugh when we told him our plans
Who woulda knew it'd be this much fun?
Following faith straight into the sun


With your thumb in the air and say a lil pray
Not all who wander are lost...


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