Game Theory Mary Magdalene Lyrics

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They say the losers come to you
And you'll appreciate all that they've been through
Franz Kafka says we're on trial
You say one day we'll all look back and smile
Yes, I've heard of the straight and narrow road
Some say we're selling out our moral code
Some say that in these troubled days
It's the only job that pays
Well, Jimmy's gone to Sunset Strip appealing for survival
And Johnny's gone to Carolina with a stack of Bibles
I never know which side they want to see
Will you be their mirror when they cast their stones at me
'Cause sometimes I feel just like Mary Magdalene
I followed every voice that called to me
I've got to say so much for destiny
As spiders build their webs in my shoes
Lord, this must be the blues
Well Janey says you've got to find the perfect path to follow
And Jeannie says you'll never find no ground that isn't hollow
No more curtains to hide behind, it seems
Will I cast a longer shadow when he shines his light on me?
'Cause sometimes I feel just like Mary Magdalene

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