Underdog Mass Movement Lyrics

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We're sisters and brothers
And we hate one another
I say I don't know why
We're brothers and sisters
And we're all afraid to die
I say I don't know why
So I say "Lord, make me pure"
Oh, I'm so insecure
I say I don't know why
And you say "Lord, what's the cure?"
We're all so insecure

I found security
Understand all I see
No more wonder
No more question
I've succumbed
To the power of suggestion
And a mass movement
Is about to end

I found security
I worship spectres
I'll never see
All the answers laid bare for me
I was blind but now I see
And a mass movement
Is about to end

Now I've got a purpose
An identity
I've found myself
But I lost me
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