Ya Boy feat. Trae The Truth Mayday Lyrics

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Did I go down because you through with a little pain '.
'you will keep me like a boy or a girl
Its time to become '
So I came here for a '
You might catch me out in that'
Or catch me out in that trap
One way to Atlanta
I'll be in a lot of places I know you see it
Another of this shit '
'I don't like 'em
My brother hold a candle and shut niggas like a '
..i wanna play me
Should be blow out in '96
I ain't tripping, ain't stop a shit '
'still fucking bad bitches, still trapping brinks, still chopping '
Chris Brown, Louie V. sometimes I feel like '
I'm 'bout to take off like a rocker shit '
Check my steps and 'I don't need your love or your compliments
...you got 'that's your only 'that's your only '
I got some real niggas waiting on me cuz where I'm from we don't make it '
'nigga hating on me..i don't know but fuck 'em niggas
'what's up with niggas'.only
..outside '
No hesitation, just remember only '
..your baby daddy '
I don't know '
Every nigga that hate it
Tell the motherfucker'
Get 'em a doctor'
...my secret'
Late night'right rocka 'voice to the people'.take a place '
..but I move mean ..i got this '.
I gotta kell this nigga '
I got no money and no antidote when I tell nigga to be famous
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