Waco Jesus Mayhem Doctrine Lyrics

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Cause the problems
Blame your targets
For the problems
Promote riots
Themes of violence
With insurgents
Trigger the clash
With attacks
Suicide blasts
Follow this guide
To send them back
To tribal times
Neatly packaged methods of coercion
With sing a long songs of perversion
Examples of ignorance a no guilt militia
Weak minded followers with fucking amnesia
Their vision is mayhem
Their mission is mayhem
Division through mayhem
Mayhem doctrine
Execute them
Slash 'em up to ribbons
These instructions
Are found on fucking page one
We don't explain
Surrender or beg
Just make 'em pay
There's no guilt
For those I killed
They deserved it
We are feared
Always smeared
Our conscious clear
They're our targets
Causing the problems
Watch us solve 'em
Whatcha' gonna do
When my Smith and Wesson's on you
Beg shit or pray or
Piss down your fucking leg
You better get ready or break out the noose
Cause we're coming real soon to a city near you
My vision is killing
My mission is killing
Division through killing
Mayhem doctrine
Maneuvers to incite
Tactically precise
They got it down to a science
My authority
Comes at high velocity
Right between the eyes
From an M16
Send me a postcard
From your fucking God
We're coming soon to a city near you
We're coming soon to a city near you
What the fuck are you gonna do

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