Vakill Mean Mug Muzik Lyrics

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Mean Mug Muzik
It's that new Chicago gangsta
That old shit is out
That new shit
Say hello to the future, bitches

(It's that What-the-fuck-you-lookin-at music)

[ VERSE 1 ]
Welcome to Chicago where beef is realer
Where in hairy situations we brush with death and comb the streets for scrilla
It's a cold world when niggas drawin heat can kill us
The illest of breeds willin to make you bleed to feel us
A animal on his corporate grizzly
Spit divine as Corpus Christi
Flow in hellfire till your corpse is cripsy
Threats became visual
Clappin at the face of Red Kerr-ass niggas like Jordan's pre-game ritual
Here's a sicker dosage, keep your triggers focused
Keep the nigga closest, from the inside out like trichinosis
It's Hood Deal Or No Deal, we face obstacles
Tryina get paper, avoid the biggest cases possible
Now I ain't even tryin, I just ran off and scribbled
I'm Hail Mary in a stand-off or handoff the middle
Since my hands often brittle
Every strap I put a extra body on it like a ( ? ) it's man off the dribble
Then after my conquest expect the extortion
That's the best shit next to endorsements
Wave Tecs for enforcements
So fuck yo high tolerance for pain, you bitches better be born with extra endorphins
I'm the son of the soil
I rep the Chi
From 11-9 to the crumbled buildings of Cabrini hard
Acknowledge the demi god
You a pussy, pubic bikini job
Opposite end of the blade of Sweeny Todd

[ VERSE 2 ]
Since my ejaculation fate was automatic profit and fortune
Why the fuck ( ? ) catastrophic proportions
Leave bodies severed and the sockets contortioned
This is barrel in your mouth, pad his pocket extortion
Name your favorite spitters
I orchestrate assassination
Unmask your Jason's 16-bar fascination
I'm Fantastic Four with the flow
Rock Fire shit Unseen by any Stretch of your imagination
If you niggas ain't bitchin over statue placement
Then it's southern over-saturation or Hova's maturation
My saliva and venom from a cobra's ( ? )
Fuck your gratulations, I take scrilla over adulation
This is sick cinema converted to canvas
Workin a vaginal with 16 cervical cancers
With no medicinal or surgical answers
50-40 foot vertical stances, leaps and bounds ahead of y'all
Impervious bars, hit the ass on the curviest broads
Well gangsta, you know the sturdiest odds
Spit scurviest ( ? ), bitch, my only opponent worthy is God
Even then I'll topsy-turvy them odds
Get it gone or get it mashed in excessively
I wear your fuckin skull as a fashion accessory
Fag, eat a dick veiny, Dick Cheney
Till it bust on you like a hunting accident - he's kinda sick, ain't he?

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