Pain of Salvation Meaningless Lyrics

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I still smell of sweat
still the scent of my giving in
tried to feel regret
but I wanted to stay on my skin.
I still fantasize
Close my eyes to the wrong again
still those "f*** me" eyes
as I'm licking the palm of my hand.
How the hell am I supposed to keep myself
when you are so d*** far away
and everything feels meaningless and I am not mine.
I still smell of s**
still her taste on my fingertips
Try to feel remorse
But it's hard with her wet on my lips.

I need something of my own
something with a locked door.
A room just for me alone
something that I can control.
I need something of my own
I need something cutting to the bone
I need something that is mine
If that must be guilt then fine.
I wanted something nice and fine
this guilt is a hole but it's mine.
I wanted something nice
this guilt is a hole but it's mine.

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