sHEAVY Memories Lyrics

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When the flames of life are dying, I will hold your hand
For every breath that speaks inside you, death will understand
All the days they count for nothing, cold as blackened fire
And as the memories fade before you, he'll know your a liar
Far away the night is hiding locked inside its grave
When every hope it dies around you, death knows you're a slave
Today the sky it weeps for no one, blind to all you see
For now the night it longs to embrace you, ending what might be
Star fades in a painted portrait, you dream you're alive
Dark days on the edge of nowhere, these things you're denied
Eyes close can you keep a secret?, you know when it's gone
Cold arms of the night release you, falling to the dawn
As the rays of light surround you smile now and be glad
For all the things you see before you become the things you had
Still alone you reach for someone but no ones ever there
For life it ends with bitter silence and songs you'll never hear

Moons in Penumbra Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Penumbra
  • 2 Shadows
  • 3 Visions
  • 4 Totality
  • 5 Eclipse
  • 6 Warning
  • 7 Memories
  • 8 Freedom
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