Tamburada Merdiven Lyrics

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have you seen, have you heard, have you thought or did you run and by the way did you stay?
did he burn did she freeze, did he remember to say please 'coz he is wise but i am weak,
he's the old owl with the beedy eyes, he'll get you , you know.
and all these things i talk about you've heard long before, so why ask for more?
what you hear is what you know!
you say you know what papers for, to buy the things you wished for .
what's the point in all the greed, when you now you have all you need,
so you take your cups, fill them up, drink it down, and get all high,
and then later on wished you hadntcoz dizzyness is not easy.
have a bite to eat, a sweet to suck, a glass of wine, it's chill out time
the night is cool but i am hot and what you hear is what you've got.
what you hear is what you know! what you hear is what you know!
Fantastik Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dolly
  • 2 Atina
  • 3 Merdiven
  • 4 Yaz Müziği
  • 5 Mavi
  • 6 Kalp
  • 7 Afrika
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