Mac Lethal Mermaid Pornography Lyrics

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Land mines wheel chairs toilet snakes
I'm rolling downhill on broken brakes
Hit it like a squirrel when I fuck rapping
Where a Fallopian tube as a necklace fuck platinum
And fuck having nice cars suck my dick
I wanna grow up to get my bike fixed
Ahhh they put a probe in my urethra
The free clinic test hurts worse than the disease does
My mouth is mechanical
I'm a flesh eating serial killing stuffed animal
Mac Let lactose
Hit'em with a missile launcher cocked like Orgazmo
Dark divine type of charcoal mind
I like chicks who shave their pussy's in a heart design
Kansas Citys crazy I'll be walking up the street
And get my arm chewed off by octopus with teeth
I'm in my laboratory building a disease
My wife has a tail and out children grow on trees
Poke my brain until my fingers purple
Pull a wrecking ball chain off a crane and swing it in a circle
Put your tongue where the mic gets plugged
I got antennas and a slimy body like a slug
I'm not even old enough to get into the club
So I'm with this rolling chick sniffing Vick's vapor rub

Mr. Mac Lethal what chu want to do today
Prolly pass out drunk in the street
Mr. Blockhizzle what'chu want to do today

Fuck Krys we pop bottles of Windex
My name is Mac Lethal king of the midwest
And that's Blockhead you know about him
Yeah ha he's, he's the champion
Ahh, Mr. Blockhead supplies me the ammunition
And I lick the beats pussy and give it an orgasm
My pen is filled with Lava lamp liquid
I'm sicker than those punk rock Gothic damn bitches
Sitting up at Perkin's with black nail polish
Like "Got a dollar, man?" With their fishnet stalkings
Lips bless intoxicated cocky humans
Grab an empty cup and fill it up with body fluids
It takes on Catholic school girl to please the whole crew
She'll be riding home in the trunk when I'm through
Psycho bitches, yeah they love to prick the cock
Like putting Hellraisers skull in the fucking scissor lock
I never even make it to the club
I'm wasted by eight standing in the tub
With pajamas on I pull the hairdryer off the cabinet
And plug it into the electrical safety button outlet
I salivate your moms stench
On the dance floor playing hockey with a urinal mint


Get a mermaid naked get loose
And fuck champagne we drinking vaginal juice
At the mermaid party six thousand, ha ha yay

Hey yo, yo why do you always ask that
You know I'm gonna beat the shit out of you if you as again
I'm on the mic not him...
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