War Charge Mind Maker Lyrics

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Lets get this straight, enlighten me. Looking down on others is your specialty. Everything you said created enemies, this was your choice and how it's meant to be. I'm sick of it, so sick of it, lets gets this straight and cut the s***, cut the s***.

Bottled feelings trapped inside. All these feelings I was forced to hide. Step inside my mind. So many terrors that are mine. I'm so alone and almost done, f*** this world and everyone.
I'm so alone. Ruining lives is what you're best at, sneaking around like a f****** rat. Friendships made and broken. Make up your f****** mind.
I hope you fail this time.
New World Justice Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 New World Justice
  • 2 Mind Maker
  • 3 Day & Age
  • 4 Repercussions (Feat Neal Keating of Frustration)
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