Ace Hood feat. The‐Dream Mine Lyrics

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[Intro: The-Dream]
All we do is get money
Gotta hit the bank
Man I'm running out of hundreds
(Hey shawty hey hey hey hey shawty)
I know she yours

[Hook: The-Dream]
But she wanna be mine
Mine mine mine mine
Oh! She wanna be mine
I I I I get white boy money (mine mine mine)
Man she wanna be mine (mine mine mine)
(All I do is get money) (mine mine mine)
I know she yours
But she wanna be mine
I I I I get white boy money (mine mine mine)
I know she yours
But she wanna be mine

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Big money talking if you broke stay quiet
And watch how all my niggas in a club make a riot
Throwing honeys in the sky
And watch it all fall
I'm blopping on your lady cause' she love to watch me ball
She be giving me the eye
I'm giving her a call
Then it's back to the suites
Next week the Taj mahal
Every day is like a sweet stick
Pick out what you want
It ain't trickin' if you got it baby
Pick out what you want
Reclimb your seat back
And let yourself go
You ain't a Mr. Berrada
I spit that cash flow
Now let her hands go
Lil homie you lame
I have her back to you tomorrow
I let my niggas say

[Hook: The-Dream]

[Verse 2: The-Dream]
I got money you should help me spend
Take you out of that domestic and put you in a Benz
Your old boyfriend don't wanna pay your rent
I put five stacks only that ain't **** (that ain't ****)
Take you out the hood
Put you in the heels
Put you in a crib
This is how you should live
A girl like you should be sitting on a yacht
Looking down at ya rock
I know she yours!

[Hook: The-Dream]

[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Hey I'll be ballin out a budget
I'll be ballin like the Pistons
Master P money I'll be ballin with no limit
See ya lady I'm me she comin to her senses
She can smell her money plus don't stuntin' on the sixty
Kickin with her richie
Ya man he's a misfit
I can show you things, diamond rings be the witness
He ain't gotta worry
I ain't trying be yo man boo
I'm just tryin to take you places you gon' need your sandles
Seein' is believin' I just hope that you can handle
Girl I make it rain you can determine the weather
Bentleys, Phantoms
Just don't test the channel
Know you with yo' man but I'm the shit that keep you pampered

[Hook: The-Dream]

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