Mysonne Mirror Lyrics

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The autobots and the war between the forces of good and evil'
Autobot, salute! Let me talk to him!
Ready! Let me talk to him! I gotta talk to him!

I know they hear me! I know
I'm a monster, I know they fear me! (I know they do!)
Reality is my sponsor, so don't compare me with
The metaphors of ' clearly
Are nothing more than impostors with..
Nigga, I'm really in the harder hell
Trapped in the trap house with that kind of smell
I told the same stories that Sean Carter tell
We was reading like' nah, it wasn't hard to tell!
Rob her or sell, starve her or kill
I can still smell the stitch from my dead father still
I was still, still, nigga, I could even move
I can feel it, but he couldn't even move!
He was dead, I still live by his rules
Although money without respect, that's fool's gold!
But we're living in a world full of fool soul
Wise men went balooze, you're confused, I know!
Me too, aha! The shit is all backwards, aha
The dude screaming I'm a rude nigga, all actress
All fact is stuffed under the mattress
As long as you've got guap and shock on sex feel
Uh, I'm the last of my kind here
I see clear, everybody blind here
The truth don't exist, everybody lie in here
Everybody think that I'm out of my mind here
Cause I can't buy loyalty and honor
I take respect over niggas dollars
I was born to lead, never meant to follow
Yeah, I gotta eat up my pride, I can't swallow!
So until I meet Allah, Jesus, Jehovah,
I'mma represent this G shit till it's over!
To all of my soldiers trying to find a better day
Follow me, I promise I can lead the way!

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