Encryptor Misfortuned At Birth Lyrics

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I have searched the ends of the World, trying to find my rewards. I cannot find what belongs to
me. It tears me apart from the inside. All my life I have dreamed of a great existence. Takes me
time to realize that this is just a wive's tale.
No reassurance or revelation. Apathy takes my soul.
I return as a newborn soul. Wishes made, I have all I want. I will take all I deserve, sing my
praise to God. Misfortuned at Birth!
But I wake up and realize that this was a dream. I had forgotten my God. Now I must suffer. Oh,
suffering! Oh, more suffering! When will it end? When will I win? You don't understand me.

Cryptic Works 1999-2005 Track Listing
  • 1 Infernal Catastrophy
  • 2 Post Mortem Soul
  • 3 Prohpecy Of Infinity
  • 4 The Price Of Submission
  • 5 Misfortuned At Birth
  • 6 Into The Lives Of The Unblessed
  • 7 Portal Of Demonic Torment
  • 8 Drowning In Ignorance
  • 9 Cast Into Darkness
  • 10 Rebrutalization
  • 11 Sermon Decay
  • 12 Horrific Engenderment
  • 13 Vomit Congregation
  • 14 Images Of Tragedy
  • 15 Everything Must Decompose
  • 16 Bloodflow Towards Salvation
  • 17 Nocturnal Faith Bonus Track
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