Vanguart Miss Universe Lyrics

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Composição: Helio Flanders/Reginaldo Lincoln/David Dafré

I woke up naked, I was outside
Thunders, b__mers lightin' up what I had inside
The policeman came and asked me why
I said I got the money
Claimed my hands and packed my backs
Said I was funny

Funny was I ?

I woke up naked, stole a car
Drove through the boundary
Called up Chico he asked me What
I said meet me at the foundry


I met him down on a cheerful morning
At the local place for murders
All of a sudden he spoke his mind
And I spoke my mind just moanin'
We held hands, he showed me drugs
I laughed and said I'm yours, babe
Come here while my heart beats for you
And f___ me like your mother

And his mother was,
His mother was,
Miss universe.

by Lyla

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