Porter Wagoner Moments of Meditation Lyrics

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I see a tree that's lost its leaves and wonder why it's dead
And the sun that keeps us warm and fills the day with light
Then I marvel at the stars that twinkle through the night
The mountain peaks that stand so high they seem to disappear into the sky
And across the snow capped mountain I see the blue horizon
With streaks of whiter that linger there behind the jets sublime
Such miracles my eyes behold all part of God's creation
There's so much beauty to be seen in moments of meditation
I speak to God while quiet and still the questions in my mind
Of things that I don't understand each myst'ry that I find
I find the answer quickly there for my soul's salvation
When I talk to God in moments of meditation
I ask God why someone like I should be so richtly blessed
While some who speaks his name so true and hungry and distressed
Then his voice is silent in my meditation with him
Which lets me know that some things must be known only to him
There's none so great as God the father the king of all kings
The writer of each holy word and creator of all things
He gave his son to offer life through Jesus Christ salvation
That every man might speak with him in moments of meditation

The Farmer Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 The Farmer
  • 3 Daddy's Working Boots
  • 4 My Dad
  • 5 Moments of Meditation
  • 6 Wake Up, Jacob
  • 7 The County Farm
  • 8 The Sun Don't Shine (On the Same Dog Every Day)
  • 9 Country Bo-Bo
  • 10 Bones

  • Written by: Porter Wagoner
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