Fake Money to Kill For Lyrics

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there's a gray cloud over Los Angeles
please point us to the terrorists
they've been killing for oil since the
even though we now have the technology
and the power in place to erase the
but that knowledge means nothing in
the face of greed
there are men with oil and companies
that kill
with a president in their pockets
that's not on their dollar bills
and we need their product
to drive more products
to give more money
to fund more products
to be fueled by products
to make more money to kill for
how can we stand back with our eyes
hand them the knife with our throats
they are the problem, we are the
who else do you think brought on this
we breathe in this poison and pay them
in full
and we don't give a f*** if they don't
have a soul
or that our money funds wars of
conquest and greed
but this knowledge means nothing
if we don't erase the need
do we really need their product...
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