Eatliz Mountain Top Lyrics

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Save a drop of rain
In a glass
Keep it safe
Until it falls again
Then set it free
Into the sea
Lovers will turn
Into stone and sand
Up on a mountin top
Never gonna be the same

Lovers will turn into stone and sand
Up on a mountin top

A drop of pain
In a glass
Keep me safe
Until I come again
Then set me free
Into the sea
Violently Delicate Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Bolsheviks
  • 2 Violently Delicate
  • 3 Attractive
  • 4 Hey
  • 5 Sunshine
  • 6 Say Where
  • 7 Big Fish
  • 8 I Don't Care
  • 9 Mix Me
  • 10 Be Invisible
  • 11 Whore
  • 12 Mountain Top
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