El Gant Mr. Miyagi Lyrics

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And now I'm steppin' over beatin' people
I've been sitting in a corner holdin' a pentagram
It's hard living like an immigrant
You're worried for what I ain't got
The cover it's just nothing intangible
And now there's nothing in my system left
I've started drinkin' liquor
I thought I didn't have ' but now I think I do
Thought I lost it all , but now the younger me is shining too
You're good for me and I for you
Adrenaline pumpin' once you punched a little man
And until I spit again, from another state
I'm not that sort of clown
I was following lyrics ,more than 17
Pitch the Greenfield
I love you but I shouldn't fuck you if you hate me
And this is how it is
And this is how it is

Slappin' the motherfuckers
They will be cleaned at the finish line
Everybody had a chance
But sorry , now this shit is mine
I barely found a way home
And it's over
They acted like they were honest
I promise that I'm honest
It's time you leave for that season
So that you let your family adjust
And I'm not even peeking
This is how it's ought to be
2 words: el gant, deadly and disorderly

This shit right here is Beast Academy
And this is how it is
And this is how it is

Beast Academy Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Truth Hurts
  • 3 Three Amigos
  • 4 Bases Loaded
  • 5 Joat (interlude)
  • 6 Energy
  • 7 Goldie Hawn
  • 8 Five One Eight
  • 9 Mr. Miyagi
  • 10 Three Amigos (remix)
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