Thompson Twins My Funky Valentine Lyrics

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It comes as no surprise when I look around and find
That you have whet this appetite with such a rare delight
And now my lite fly slides like a good time rhyme
Up and down my bass line

Excuse me while I light your fire
You really blow my mind
My funky valentine
My funky valentine

Oh, those lips could sink a thousand ships
Lick those lips and take a hippy, hippy, hippy trip
To Mars or Venus or some astral plane
Where we can be alone or not too out of place

P. P. Reubens was a groover; he would have liked your style
You know exactly how to make the big boys cry
Curvaceous, avaricious, lush and malicious
I just can't think of anyone who's more seditious

My funky valentine
My funky valentine

Written by: Alannah Joy Currie, Tom Bailey
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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