Fall of the Idols My Home the Gallows Lyrics

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I turn out the lights one by one
And leave on this weary hour
No more warmth of the sun
As all things sweet are now sour
The trail I've taken is my own
The burden of life I have known
Where I go you can't follow
A path of pain, a path of sorrow
All which you cannot understand
I meet my fate in the break of dawn
Gazing to the east I take a stand
And in the twilight I am gone
My drained coil quivers in silence
As I make my home, the gallows

Boldly I commit the cardinal sin
For no hell is worse than this state I'm in
As precious this gift of life is
It's better to bow out than fade in miseries

I ask for forgiveness
As I make my home, the gallows
The Séance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nosophoros
  • 2 The Conqueror Worm
  • 3 At the Birth of the Human Shadow
  • 4 My Home the Gallows
  • 5 Cathedral of Doom
  • 6 Cold Air
  • 7 An Age Comes to Its End
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