Waterdown Nails All Broken Short Lyrics

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my hands are shaking
the lights from the oncoming cars will blind me
when all i only want is to stare at my feet
my shoes are scuffed
the bottom of my pants torn
if i have to drive i might take my eyes off the road
i might look at you
my hands are shaking
cant you just drive me home tonight?
i can put on a tape
we can get lost in the words of steven andrew miller
we wont have to speak to each other
i dont know what i would do if i heard your voice
my hands are shaking
the nails all broken short
they feel cold
cant you just drive me home?

Written by: Axel Pralat, Holger Behrens, Ingo Rieser, Marcel Bischoff, Philipp Meyer, Vincenzo Christian Kruse
Lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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