Abhorrent Castigation Naturalistic Transcendence Lyrics

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I wander the earth, light-footed and free
The deepest vales, the highest peaks I call my home
The grass that caresses my feet
The water that bathes my countenance
Touch the earth and smell the sky
All is one and one is all
So much sense, so much warmth
For a starving soul

Anything here that creeps and flies
Was once a part of me and I of it
As we arose from the earth's fold

The scent, the feel, the sounds
A universe of impressions
To be relished and embraced
The celebration of mere being
I hail you sun, that you shall never tire on your path
To nourish us with your love and warmth
All life pays homage and your light
Though you are so rich and don't need it

Clear blackness upon me, with small bright isles
Isles of pure light in a sea of darkness
Isles, that gave birth to the smallest parts in me
Stranded wanderers on a pale blue dot
Connectivity and belonging
Replace self-pity and regret
A place to call home
For me, for you

We are the sons of stars
Just by being alive

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