Madchild Never Die Lyrics

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Dream as if you'll live forever
(Never, never die)
Live as if you'll die today

[Verse 1: MadChild]
Discussions with myself like I'm walking with Gandhi
Trying to inspire but I'm talking to zombies
This little rascal is one bad hombre
Talk tough, grab my dick, and walk calmly
Still a one man militia
Verse mercenary, navy seal, top condition
Stop opposition, in cock block position
Top rocker read: Mad crush competition
(I'm crushing your head)
It's tough not to listen
Keep your mouth shut, won't give up my positition
Dip the cynical in acidic fluid
Give me any banger and I'll burn right through it
Full of gas, that's partially my arsenal
An arsonist burning through a profit line, it's marginal
Feel the harshness of a carpenters hand
In demand like a white bartender in a parlor in Japan
Get started, that's a part of the plan
Higher that you get, the harder that you land
Little bad wolf, I'm back to slaughter lambs
Signing autographs from Vancouver to Rotterdam
Madchild the arrogant, Mad the barbarian
Face tatted aryan is back on a tear again
Take a AK to the KKK
Torture motherfuckers, I could take all day
Wild shorty in my bed, I'm a Rottweiler
So much weight on my shoulders that I'm lopsided
Move through obstacles quick
Girls suckin' on my dick like it's a Popsicle stick
Underground sex symbol
I think you're cute, you got a man? You should get single
I'm sayin' let's mingle
Bingo, more chips than a truck full of Pringles
And I'm back in the states so tell the senoritas come fuck with this gringo

Hey, never die
I'm here to stay, it's quite simple
I'm dressin' like Mr. Rogers man, cardigans and tennis shoes

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