Pagan Fears Never Ending Road Lyrics

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The smoke penetrating in my eyes
Fading the Sky...
And now, nobody can bring me back to
I wanted to be so many things and now
I'm nothing.
Dismal pain desacreating my skin
And in a belfry the rain cleans the blood
From my body
And cover the air with petals of rose.

Give me your hand in the never-ending
Give me your warm in this cold obscurity that
freezes my breath,
And slowly becomes numb my body.
Give me your smile and accuracy
In this cruel silence.

In this storm, where my body lies cold
And weak.
This is the sorrow absorbing my life
And are this moments those that bit
Strongly my heart
And break in pieces my soul
While my tears run along my body.
My nails scratching my chest
And my painful screams sickening the
And my calling will be never heard
It is terror, fury, desolation
My eyes are tired of crying.
My exhausted skin.
My cries say "No more"
But at the end I am nobody.
Now there's just a storm waiting for me in
That belfry
For that cold mist paralyzes totally my
Always I wanted to be so many things
But I always was nothing.

Are this letters, are my weak hands,
It is my mind, my heart and my dying soul.
But you are, too
Give me your hand in the never-ending road
Give me warm in this cruel silence.

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