Dakota Suite Never Much to Say Lyrics

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there's never much to say between
the moments of our dreams and what we'll do
and you're afraid of everything
that could set you free

and you will always be the one
that stops my sky from falling in x 2

if you thought this was all that I could do
would you stay, would you stay
and I know that you threw away all you could have been

but you will be the one...
Waiting for the Dawn to Crawl Through and Take Away Your Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Never Much to Say
  • 2 A Darkness of Moons
  • 3 Uw Wanhopige Vrees
  • 4 Because Our Lie Breathes Differently
  • 5 I Don't Understand Your Medicine
  • 6 Early Century Maple
  • 7 All Your Hopes Gone Cold
  • 8 I'm Leaving You
  • 9 Over a Loveless Winter
  • 10 Brittle With Sorrow
  • 11 All That I Can Hold Near
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