Idle Cure Never Say Goodbye Lyrics

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When the heart is young it feels so good
As the years slip by it gets understood
That the world turns without you
Yeah the world forgets about you
Reminiscing the days gone by
You could chase the wind
You could touch the sky
And time seemed forever
So much to be discovered

I see another picture in my mind
You know I gotta take it in, every time

How does someone say goodbye
How does someone leave behind your love
How does someone say goodbye?
Only time can heal this this heart of mine
I'll take you with me for all time
(That is what I pray)
Now I'm sitting alone on a Sunday noon
I pause when I think of you
And the time we had together
The moments that we shared

Like a flower fading in the desert air
Life can change when you're least aware
But the heart keeps the memory
It's the heart that feels the pain
You left us underneath the rising moon
I always knew the day would come
But not so soon


Tell me Jesus, tell me why
How sudden life can us by
I see their faces in the yes of your children
I wish I could tell them goodbye


Froma distant hill, came a young man's cry
As the sun eclispsed the western sky
Never say goodbye

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