Bark Bark Bark New Kids on the Block Lyrics

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We need to get you.

We need to have you.

We need to hold you.

Hold you until our feet are cold.
You took steps back but that's all in your head.
She broke your beating heart and that's all that we've said.

You've ticked and you've tocked but things still ain't clear

So that's why we're around to hold you up to her fear.

We are the new kids on the block.
She is the one he thinks about.
She is the one that gives him up.
That's how love will hit you in the face.
You've burned yourself up and you've burned yourself out.
Breaking all these hearts is what you're burning about.
You kriss and your cross but you can't see a thing.
You're all out of matches and you're all out of string.
We've heard all the talk in the town is on you.
We've heard all the people have something on you.
Relax, all the things that you said are still true.
Let go, and they'll all let go too

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