Rich Boy feat. Curren$y Nights Like This Lyrics

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Digital Media 1
  • 1 Riding Thru My City
  • 2 Hard Work
  • 3 Pharaohs & Kings
  • 4 What You Know
  • 5 Vibe
  • 6 She Bad
  • 7 Sexy
  • 8 Nights Like This
  • 9 Love To Talk
  • 10 Had To Go Away
  • 11 Go Crazy
  • 12 Paradise
  • 13 Burning One
  • 14 Don't Play
  • Nights like This I Wish
    To ride Low In The chevy hit a switch
    In the city burning killer with a *****
    Mirror mirror on the wall call me the ****

    Creeping up on ya' bending corners
    That reefer aroma, strong as ammonia
    But we keep it on us
    *****s is no longer importin'
    You had your moment
    But we still smoking
    Season is open on duck *** *****s who don't know what the code is
    If the g's brung' you up then you would have known this
    Now witness the coldest
    Now I'm rolling my own ****
    Ownership, owning this, owning that
    Park them cars in the back cause them hoes know your whip
    Identified by what you drive
    The streets don't have a face but it has ears and eyes
    And sharp muhfukng teeth it will eat your *** alive
    Living dangerously high this hustle is a drug this game is a ***** the only one i love

    Yup, yup. I’m in a stupid clean Chevy, whole top glassed out
    Me & Spitta hopped off in a super sport & smashed out
    Catch me on the next flight, high, living that Jet Life
    My pockets got an appetite that make the ***** pop tonight
    Loud pack bought a pound at the Jet Lounge ?

    [Hook Tiny C]

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