Babylon Circus No Competition Lyrics

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Likka child at school must fight fi get a place
-Get a place
Dem will take you for a fool if ya can't run that race
-Run that race

Dem will take you for a fool
If ya can't run that race(bis)

Leaming the rule very early
Big fish eating down the small one
That's the way it's goin to be
And if you can't face it you'd better abandon

No no competition
Don't tell me about it
No no no no competition
Now we must try to get away from it

While i go run i go surpass myself and nobody else
I give you the head start you set me the pace
Don't need to prove superiority
No matter if you're stronger than me

Dem will take a for a fool
If ya can't run that the race(bis)

I can reach up mister Karl Lewis
I will do my best and i just can't miss
Never get first but never give up
'Cause we're not looking for the same cup


People shout in the stadium
One team reach the top and one will go to di bottom
Some a dem take it very serious
Somtimes get dangerous(bis)

See that yout'man waiting' at the traffic light
Become predator when he gets on road
Go out to party as you run to a fight
Just can't let another one pass forward

Some a dem take it very serious
Sometimes get dangerous(bis)


(Merci ? ninon pour cettes paroles)
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