Vampire Hands No Fun Lyrics

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And oh, I don't remember what they said to me
When I didn't know they were too cool to care
and too strait to dare
And now, all of the truths are just drenched in dreams
And all of the words like tooth teeth and lips
are all just pheromone

And it seeps down around your knees
Cause baby we're just bloated beasts
With eyes sunk so deep in our skulls
We were dead long ago
Don't you know
And now, all of the pulls are just sucker punch
So take what you can
Cause baby you're a loaded gun

And I've been trying so very hard to let it go
But you're too cool to care
And too strait to dare
I saw fire he was dealing out a dull dose
And some say he sings
But brother he just bleeds
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