KamB.I.N.O. No Power (Lights Out) Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
You keep Him on the low, I keep Him on the high like Drama
But I ain't never yodeled though, that's on my Mama
I'm a incomprhensible type of rhymer
The type to make a legend want to bite like a piranha
Flow like aqua, representing my Abba
Playing my position got me spitting like a toddler
Track hitting like a doger
Manny, Kam be, sinner that repented and entered into the family
I am now relying on my faith when I can't see
Striving till I'm tired, wanna faint and I can't breath
Blessed but I ain't sneezed, stressed but I can't leave
Obedience got me under arrest like bank fees
Listen, when pretenders try to hinder, harm and batter me
I'm digging in the scriptures to recharge my battery
We fall like gravity, keep all your flattery
And focus on the only one we call Your Majesty

No Power, No Power, No power ...
No Power, No Power, No power x 4

[Verse 2]
So me without Christ is zero, Shaq with the free throw
Lost like Nemo, the gators with no Tebow
Two left feet slow, stuck like deep snow
What I'm trying to say is life will suck like a leech, bro
Country's in recession but his children gotta eat so
His Word I get it, pivot, give it to the people
Tasty as a t-bone with A-1, aye son
Never could you play me for a faker, cause I ain't one
God is real as they come, constantly repping Jesus
Even after church done, I eat sleep and breath this
Awestruck as I preach this, even secular speechless
This ain't for the church folk, take it where the streets is
Slingshot the movement 'case you wondering where the beasts is
Wondering where the beast are, all I need's a beat y'all
I'm just willed and kindling, see my Father brings the heat y'all
My flow is like the wind though, it's kind of hard to see


[Verse 3]
Well if you want it you can get it, in a microwave minute
Heard the game was kind of lame, I'm hear to put my flav' in it
I'm brazen, not timid, staying independent
Percy Miller showed me yo there ain't no limits (unnggh!)
But that ain't my signature
'Bout to take it high as all the prayers I be sending up
Rise like the tempature any time I enter a
Room because his presence straight consumes me when I minista
Cats be looking at me like "Yo Kam is on some different stuff"
Models chick be tripping out like "Why isn't he into us?"
Every earthly plan I had I let my Father interrupt
He got my future so bright, need to tint my windows up
I'm like a train conductor screaming "all aboard!"
Y'all can't make it on your own, you should be leaning on the Lord
See I've seen the final score, that's the reason why I'm happy
You ain't strutting streets of gold, then you ain't stuntin' like my daddy


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