Fair Ground No Sign of Life Lyrics

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Ain't it funny how things turn out
You think you're over it and then
You're way back when
All that you could see was uncertainty
Like a lonely wind that blows
And then it goes
Now I find even time
Just seems to dissapear
When you're not here

There's no sign of life
There's no sign of life
There's no saving us from saying goodbye
Ans I thought that we would survive
But there's no sign of life
Ain't it funny how things are said
Like you'll never be alone
And your heart will have a home
Does everything we say
Just fade away
Are they ever really true
I thought I knew
And I can't leave
But I can breathe
No I can't make a sound
Now you're not around

There's no hope there's no way
There's no rescue coming today
There's no time for our dreams
There's no you and me
Not as far as I can see
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