Backfire! No Turning Back Lyrics

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You punk a__ losers hooked on the s___
Doped up suckers, to f___ing weak to quit
Lost all your pride and your self-respect
Chose the wrong path with no turning back
No apologies
No remorse
You're the scum of society
No longer will we tolerate
You're the ones we f___ing hate
I f___ing dream of writing history
To wipe you all of the f___ing streets
Still Dedicated Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Waiting for My Time
  • 2 Trapped in the Maze
  • 3 Don't Stay
  • 4 The Way I Live
  • 5 I Remember
  • 6 Freedom
  • 7 There's a Difference
  • 8 Don't Wanna Die Young
  • 9 No Turning Back
  • 10 Buried in the Fields
  • 11 Leave It Behind
  • 12 Still Dedicated
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