Fall of the Idols Nosophoros Lyrics

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From the land beyond the forest Nosophoros befalls

It will come in black and as the third sailing on a phantom ship
Tolling bells summon us sinners to repent as the Day of Wrath is here
The dreadful lord of the rats walks among us and greets us with a smile
Taking us all by the hand we join his dance as patches on our skin grow black
Scourge devouring the faithless lands
Vanity lashed out of blistering coil
Hope redeemed yet through blood
Still despair triumphs thru the divine

Our strength quickly fading away by every strained breath
Suddenly like a wind it passed above our heads and we're no more

Downtrodden we died for our sins we had to pay
The Séance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nosophoros
  • 2 The Conqueror Worm
  • 3 At the Birth of the Human Shadow
  • 4 My Home the Gallows
  • 5 Cathedral of Doom
  • 6 Cold Air
  • 7 An Age Comes to Its End
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