Armchair Martian Not a Dull Moment Lyrics

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I remember well, the smell of tequila
1 bed 1 bath 2 months with Steph
Drinkin' after sunrise,
didn't sleep til late at night
had a ten day birth day to Thanksgiving with them
we burt the bird and hit the Road
All blur in stereo...
Sonic Booksmarks and Bad Scenes.
But not a dull moment.
I barely miss living in Los Angeles.
It only too a week to start the Warfare
Eccentric neighbors on welfare.
The turntables spun to the beat of poundin'
on the walls.
we'd sink another drink with Billy Idol
Have sloppy s__ on the living room floor
Whirlwind of simple pleasure
principle. Our principles are gone.
But not a dull moment.
I barely miss livin' in that
selfish bliss with Steph.
I'll always have
the past to be warned.
And I'll always have
my last life when I'm bored
I can taste the Gold Ring turnishin' my mouth.
I need a drink to wash it out
Not a dull moment
I barely miss living in that state of filth
so I'll clean the yard, the yard, the yard,
mow the lawn
wash the staining rug
so what, it's save
and sound I have found...
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