Fallen Now That I Die Lyrics

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Words fall so weak
So fragile
Like swords of glass
How I hurt
Bolt my hands
That no pain may grow from them

Hold me
Pain drowns in your arms
To mourn is a virtue
Mountainous waves

Oh wielder of tortures
Overflow in madness and in dark
Seething under skin with boiling wounds unleashed
That which kills the light and eats sunsets
Can I spill for you the grieving?
May I show you the splendour of dying?

Autumn of life is not as beautiful
As that I dreamt of
Nor the winter
As ruthless
Ashes to coal
Maketh my heart pour
Hold me
Pain drowns in your arms
Give me souls peace
Now that I die

Burn if thou wilst
Oh necrotic flower
I rest and covet no longer
The spirit flies

Mouth the chant
Mute and reeking
Snow-like passing on
What foul stench reels about you
A Tragedy's Bitter End Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Gravdans
  • 2 Weary and Wretched
  • 3 To the Fallen
  • 4 Morphia
  • 5 Now That I Die
  • 6 The Funeral
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